What is Freestyle 
Open: Imagination
The Innovative Tool for Discovering New Dimensions and
Creative Ways to Express Yourself on the Guitar
Let's adventure . . .

1. New Sound Innovation for all Guitar Players
2.  New "multiple-fret" Technology
3. A World-Class Guitar Accessory 
4. The 'HOLY GRAIL' for playing - MODAL, CHORDAL, SCALE
5. "Revolutionary  Approach" New Category
6. Pushes the Envelope - "out of the box" Thinking!
7. Creates New Musical Ideas and Positive Experiences  
8. Mind-altering "playing rush"
9. Never Before Available
10. Why . . . Didn't someone think of that. . .?

(I did) its coming soon!
  •    FREESTYLE: The "must-have" accessory for all guitar players, performers, students, teachers, educators, and singer-songwriters.
  •    FREESTYLE: Makes it easy to create amazing music with virtually unlimited guitar tunings.
  •    FREESTYLE: Puts you in charge, gives you an edge, sets you apart, 
  •    FREESTYLE:  Connects you to your audience - through sonic arrangements
  •    FREESTYLE: Amazing new sound blends  (using familiar standard fingering patterns)
  •    FREESTYLE: Guitar Friendly - Safe for your guitar 
  •    FREESTYLE: Transports YOU into a NEW DIMENSION of Playing
  •    FREESTYLE:  Advanced design - precision engineering - space technology
  •    FREESTYLE:   Works on "ALL" guitars - 6 string, 12 string, nylon, steel, acoustic and electric
  •    FREESTYLE: Opens avenues for musical exploration and discovery.
  •    FREESTYLE: Magnificent teaching tool - for rhythmic, chordal, and melodic patterns 

Hear What Early Adopters are saying . . .

E.rnie Atwater shares his thoughts !

Hear What Dominic Flynn says . . .

Hear What Dominic Flynn thinks . . .

Hear What David Abrams says . . .

Hear What Jake Detar thinks . . .

A little History. We have taken our time to make it right.

BenJammin'  plays and explores a polychord

BenJammin'  plays and explores drop d tuning

BenJammin'  plays and explains FreeStyle

BenJammin' explains Freestyle

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