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The Original Freestyle™ Voyager
What is it
It's a precision tool that revolutionizes how to play the guitar
and how to express your creativity. 
This precision Freestyle™ Voyager tool opens a new unheard-of universe of tones and tunings for professional guitarists, players, and performers.
The Freestyle™ Voyager tool enables an infinite array of soundscapes, tunings, and voicings with its patented "multiple-fret technology" and "adjustable string lengths".
Whether you're a professional, enthusiast, teacher, student, or hobbyist, FreeStyle™ Voyager is explicitly designed for you. It is the paradigm shift in guitar playing, offering optimal benefits and pushing the boundaries of what's possible. It provides guitar players with new soundscapes, textures, never-before-heard note arrangements, and the freedom to explore uncharted territories in music.

We have accomplished unmatched precision and superior results with FreeStyle™'s patented innovation and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies. This instrument supports your quest to discover, expand, and explore new guitar terrains, unlocking your full potential.

By using FreeStyle™ Voyager, you'll experience repertoire expansion, new tune concepts, and arrangements, and discover newly acquired skills and abilities. Your skill level will become more seasoned, and your improvisational prowess will advance. FreeStyle™ Voyager is a tangible "key" that allows you to transpose easily, opening doors to a new world of guitar tunings and possibilities.

How does FreeStyle™ Voyager achieve all this? 
With six rotating arms across the neck of any guitar,  engaging individual strings or combinations on three contiguous frets. You can play chords, notes, melodies, scales, modes, and more in any key. Changing the string length - without altering the tension - keeps all "standard tuning" patterns consistent, making original open and alternative tuning sounds and transposition seamless.

The importance of FreeStyle™ Voyager lies in its ability to give you a reference point or "key," allowing a variety of note patterns up the neck. It expands your playing horizons, adding value for individual players and fans. The audience will love the rich sound and embellishment FreeStyle™  Voyager brings to your performances.

FreeStyle™ Voyager is an engineering endeavor and success of monumental proportions. Designed to go up to the seventh fret, it offers over 4,000 different sound applications accessible from any one location. It works on six or twelve-string, electric/acoustic, steel, and nylon string guitars, providing limitless creative possibilities.

With FreeStyle™ Voyager, you will tune your guitar any way you want. It is not dependent on tension for tuning changes, meaning all tonal relationships remain familiar and relational to standard tuning. This accelerates your learning curve exponentially, maximizing familiar chord patterns and building upon what you already know.

To get into the world of FreeStyle™ Voyager, we offer various entry points: the Voyager Community,  books, mastermind classes, workshops, webinars, and private lessons. We provide advanced training to those willing and desirous of exploring the full potential of FreeStyle™ Voyager.

Traditional distribution channels may not understand the product's value, nuances, and uniqueness or provide accurate insights, so we have chosen to market through private channels. Our goal is to help people learn and prosper with FreeStyle™ Voyager.

FreeStyle™ Voyager has a remarkable story and history, undergoing continuous improvements. It is ergonomic, easy to use, and built to last. With simplified operation and a reduction in the number of parts, FreeStyle™ Voyager offers pure sound without muting or buzzing.

Please note that FreeStyle™ Voyager has a limited supply and is only available on our official website. You won't find it at any retail outlet. 

To secure your FreeStyle™ device, visit our website at www.unlockinfinite.com and sign in there.

Get ready to experience a new category of guitar playing with FreeStyle™ Voyager. Unleash your full potential and elevate your musical journey like never before.
Cutting-edge technology: The FreeStyle™ Voyager is equipped with precision, cutting-edge technology that allows guitar players to fret chords and make new tunings, soundscapes, and textures like never before. This game-changing device removes traditional barring and fretting limitations, giving you limitless possibilities for your music.

Unmatched flexibility: With the FreeStyle™ Voyager, you can fret individual strings over three contiguous frets or leave the string open, offering unparalleled flexibility and creativity for all guitar players. This innovative tool is easy to use and compatible with all types of guitars, making it an essential for any musician.
World-class premium accessory: Not only does the FreeStyle™ Voyager offer unmatched performance, but its sleek design adds to the exclusivity and uniqueness of your repertoire and guitar collection. It's a world-class premium accessory that's a must-have for professional guitarists.
Revolutionary approach: The FreeStyle™ Voyager's innovative technology provides a revolutionary approach to guitar playing, allowing you to push the envelope and play "outside the box." It creates new musical ideas and positive experiences, giving you a mind-altering and "playing rush" you won't find anywhere else.
Unprecedented experience: The FreeStyle™ Voyager is a one-of-a-kind tool that's never been available before. Its unique design and unparalleled flexibility make it a game-changer in the music industry. Try the FreeStyle™  Voyager today and discover why everyone wonders, "Why didn't someone think of it - sooner?"
  • Introducing FREESTYLE™ Voyager - the ultimate must-have accessory for guitar players, performers, students, teachers, educators, and singer-songwriters alike!
  • It makes it easy to create fantastic music with virtually unlimited guitar tunings.
  • It puts you in charge, gives you an edge, sets you apart, and connects you to your audience through new textures, soundscapes, and sonic arrangements.
  • Unique new sound blends using familiar standard fingering.
  • Transports YOU into a NEW DIMENSION of playing with its advanced design, precision engineering, and space technology.
  • Works on 6-string acoustic and electric guitars (classical and 12-string, too)
  • It is guitar-friendly and safe for your instrument.
Unprecedented Customization: The ability to employ multiple fret technology and adjust string lengths on a guitar is the most groundbreaking innovation in centuries. It allows guitarists to achieve precise intonation, optimal note accuracy, and personalized setup according to their preferences. This level of customization was previously unattainable, offering guitarists a new level of control over their sound.

Enhanced Creativity and Expressiveness: By providing guitarists with the means to create sound textures, tonal arrangements, and alternate chord voicings, the FreeStyle™ Voyager unlocks new avenues for creativity and expression. It encourages players to explore unique sonic possibilities, experiment with different chord progressions, and discover innovative ways to shape their musical ideas.

Versatility and Adaptability: The FreeStyle™ Voyager offers various applications, making it suitable for multiple musical genres, playing styles, and performance settings. Guitarists can quickly switch between different setups, such as alternate tunings or adjusted string lengths, without requiring multiple guitars. This versatility allows musicians to adapt their instruments to other musical contexts, expanding their repertoire and artistic range.

Preservation of Instrument Integrity: Unlike permanent modifications to a guitar, the FreeStyle™ Voyager is non-destructive, and with the easy on-off, FreeStyle™ is easily attached without damaging the instrument. This is crucial for professional musicians and collectors who want to preserve the integrity and value of their guitars while still benefiting from enhanced customization options.

Accessibility for Musicians: The FreeStyle™ Voyager is compatible with a wide range of guitar models, making its benefits accessible to guitarists regardless of their preferred instrument. This inclusivity ensures that musicians of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals, can harness the device's power and unlock their creative potential.

FreeStyle™ Voyager's importance lies in its ability to empower guitarists with unprecedented control, customization, and creative freedom. It breaks the boundaries of traditional guitar playing, inspiring musicians to explore new sonic territories, expressing their unique musical voices, and redefining the instrument's possibilities. By bridging the gap between innovation and tradition, the FreeStyle™ Voyager is set to revolutionize how guitarists approach their craft and impact the music industry.

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